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Ettlingen » (pronunciation: [ˈɛtlɪŋən]) is a town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, about 8 km south of the city of Karlsruhe, situated at the northern edge of the Black Forest, with a population of about 40.000.

All venues are in walking distance, no car or public transportation needed.

Ettlingen Castle, Asam Hall

Schloss (Castle)

Asam Hall (Asamsaal) 2F+3F • 230 seats
Steinway Model C (2018)

Tram Stop: Ettlingen Erbprinz/Schloss • 
5 minutes walk
Geo Coordinates: 48°56'26.1"N 8°24'22.1"E

Stadthalle (Municipal Hall)

Awards Ceremony and Prizewinners' Conrt
1F+• 650 seats
Steinway Model D

Tram Stop: Ettlingen Stadt • 8 minutes walk

Geo Coordinates: 48°56'30.0"N 8°24'40.0"E

Musikschule (Music School)

Competition Office 1F
Registration • Information

Hall (Großer Saal) 1F • 200 seats
Drawing of Lots, Announcement of results

>20 practicing rooms on four floors

Pforzheimer Straße 25 • 76275 Ettlingen
Tram Stop: Ettlingen Stadt • 10 min walking

Geo Coordinates: 48°56'33.5"N 8°24'41.7"E

Ettlingen City Map

Ettlingen City Map

Travel Connections 

Coming by airplane
Frankfurt/Main is the most convenient airport. Express trains (ICE/IC) depart about 200m away from Terminal 1 (follow signs “Fernbahnhof/Long-distance Station”). From there take a train to Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof (Main Station). One way takes around 1 hour and costs around 40 EUR. Cheaper connections depart from the basement of the airport (follow signs "Regionalbahnhof/Regional Station", travel time around 2 hours, about 30 EUR). Timetables and fares for all trains on ».

Ettlingen is 8 km away from Karlsruhe Station and can be reached by tram line "S1 Ettlingen", tram stop "Ettlingen Stadt", around 4 EUR, or by taxi (approx. 20 EUR) within 15 minutes. You can book a ticket valid from Frankfurt Airport to "Ettlingen Stadt", so it's not necessary to buy a separate tram-ticket in Karlsruhe. 

Coming by train
Get off at Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof, (Main Station). Ettlingen is 8 km away from Karlsruhe station and can be reached within 15 minutes either by taxi (approx. 15 EUR) or tram (line "S1 Ettlingen", tram stop "Ettlingen Stadt", around 4 EUR). 

train schedule: »
tram schedule: »

Coming by car
take motorway A5 or A8 and leave the motorway A5 at the exit No. 47, "Ettlingen".

Access to Ettlingen

Access to Ettlingen


Int. Klavierwettbewerb
c/o Musikschule
Pforzheimer Str. 25
76275 Ettlingen • Germany