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The town of Ettlingen, represented by the Mayor
Marktplatz 2 • 76275 Ettlingen • Germany

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Town of Ettlingen »
Kultur- und Sportamt • Office of Cultural Affairs

Main Sponsor
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Team 2022

Hans-Dieter Mohr

Nadine Schwald
Office of Cultural Affairs

Markus Jäger
Art Director


Clemens Scherer
Web Portal

Angelika Jähn
Coordinator Volunteers

Mareike Schroeter - Office, Translations

Mareike Schroeter
Competition Office • Translations

Hyuna Min, Office

Hyuna Min
Competition Office

´Markus Bertsch, Office

Markus Bertsch
Competition Office

Arin Noshadi
Competition Office

Sai Moon Hseng, Office

Sai Moon Hseng

Soo Jeong Lee, Office

Soo Jeong Lee
Competition Office

Liyin Cai, Recordings

Liyin Cai

David Ginthör, Recordings

David Ginthör

Anouk Mohrenweiser, Recordings, Office

Anouk Mohrenweiser
Recordings • Office

Audthaporn Wongwiriya, Recordings, Office

Audthaporn Wongwiriya
Recordings • Office

´Stefan Moehrke, Technical Support

Stefan Moehrke
Technical Support

Christine Zaugg, Café Piano

Christine Zaugg
Café Piano

Sina and Isabelle Haderspeck, Café Piano

Sina & Isabelle Haderspeck
Café Piano

Wolfgang Forro
Building Services


Walter Krückl
Building Services

Robin Scheib
Building Services

Simon Schmider
Labianca Piano Store
Piano Service

Ulf Heinrichs & Team


Andrea Fabry

Volunteers from Ettlingen and the surrounding area

Host Families

Contact Ettlingen Piano Competition

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76275 Ettlingen • Germany

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