Piano Recital Maria Eydman and Kiron Atom Tellian, 1st prizewinners 2020

Wed October 13, 2021, 20:00 h, Ettlingen Castle, Asamsaal


Ludwig van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Maurice Ravel

The concert is sold out - tickets: 17,50 Euro; pupils, students, handicapped persons 15 Euro

Ticket reservation: Stadtinformation Ettlingen, Theaterkasse/Schloss, Tel. +49-7243 101-333 and www.reservix.de


18th Ettlingen Int'l Piano Competition 2022
August 7-14, 2022

Rules will be published soon. They will be basically the same as 2020: The repertoire will be unchanged. The age-limit in Category B will be raised two years, so that all participants who due to the pandemic could not come to Ettlingen 2020, will hopefully be able to participate in 2022. Deadline for applications: April 21, 2022

17th Ettlingen Int'l Piano Competition - Online Finals 2020

August 7-9, 2020

Here you find more details - stay tuned!

 -> Streaming Online Finals 2020 (youtube.com)

Wed August 7: Drawing of lots with Lord Mayor Johannes Arnold
Fri   August 7: 08:30-13:15 h, 15:00-19:45h, Category A
Sat  August 8: 08:30-13:30 h, 15:00-20:00h, Category B, 1st day
Sun August 9: 08:30-13:30 h, 15:00-16:30h, Category B, 2nd day
Sun August 9: after 20:00 h: Results Categories A and B

All times are Central European Summer time GMT/UTC +2

2019 Anschlusskonzert Kanke Asamsaal 2000px

CODE TO JOY: From July 20-24, 2020, the 40 participants of the Online Finals recorded their videos. Shortly before the start of the recording everyone got a code word. The codes together make up the first stanza of Friedrich Schiller's “Ode to Joy” - homage to Ludwig van Beethoven, whose 250th birthday we are celebrating this year. Picture: FRei

Schedule Video Recordings July 20 - 24, 2020

2020 schedule recordings onlinefinals


About the special situation of Ettlingen Competition 2020
Ettlingen, May 21, 2020

Already in March, extensive measures concerning both traveling and big events were implemented worldwide and practically all cultural events were canceled. To cancel the Ettlingen Competition too would have been easiest solution. Nevertheless,


We carried out the preliminary round for the following reasons:
- The participants (often already in quarantine for weeks) were motivated and had a goal
- A certain feedback was possible thanks to the communication of results
- No health risk
- No financial costs for participants
- There was still hope that the competition could take place in August

The positive response - 288 registrations from 33 nations - shows us that the decision was the right one. However, the pandemic continues and makes it impossible for everyone involved to plan travel, get visas and organise accommodation. In addition, in Germany big events are still prohibited by law until the end of August.

We therefore have to cancel the competition planned for August.

But we are organizing a new, additional event: The "Online Finals 2020".
For this, the 20 best-ranked applicants in each Category can register again if they wish to.

Why are we organizing an online competition?
- We want to send a positive signal, not simply cancel or postpone indefinitely
- At least 40 participants have a goal and can present themselves
- Music lovers worldwide are integrated through streaming
- The keen competition-fans in Ettlingen may be able to experience the „competition-atmosphere“ through “public viewing”


Why didn't we just "switch" the entire competition to online?
- The Ettlingen Competition has two main goals: To promote active music making on stage in front of an audience and to enable human encounters. Both impossible with an online event.
- The conditions of recordings (instrument, room, recording devices) can be very different. A great challenge for participants, jury and organisation
- There may be a suspicion that recordings have been manipulated
- We want to make sure that everything works smoothly for the participants as usual, within our financial, technical and personnel framework.


A positive outlook at the end: The 18th international competition has already been announced for August 6 to 14, 2022.
The age limit in category B will be exceptionally extended by two years, so everyone who could not participate now has still the chance to be heard in Ettlingen. Let’s keep in touch - we are looking forward to meet you in Ettlingen 2022!

Frank Reich, Director of Organisation
Ettlingen Int’l Piano Competition

Our Message for today: Stay safe - Apply for Ettlingen!

Ettlingen, March 2020

Dear participants, dear families and teachers, dear friends of Ettlingen Piano Competition,

the current crisis affects everybody, and nobody knows for sure, how the situation will develop in the next weeks and months.

We think, the best what we  can do now is: To focus on the health and well being of everybody and to continue making and listening to Music and to go on with practising piano.

For this reason, we encourage you to apply for the upcoming Ettlingen Competition!

Online-application is open. If you didn’t register yet, start today. The system will guide you step by step, it must not be done everything in one day. Begin to type in your personal data, later choose your repertoire and upload audio-recordings and other documents.

Just keep in mind: Everything has to be completed by the deadline, April 21, 2020.

In case of questions, always write us using the contact-link in the online-application.

By applying, you must not pay any fee, nor assume any other obligation - just concentrate on the music.

Our plan is to publish the result of the preliminary judging by end of May. Then we decide if we can organise the competition in August as planned (we hope so) or if we have to find another solution.

Best wishes to all of you from the Competition-Team


Frank Reich, Director of Organisation

Ettlingen Int’l Piano Competition

Piano Recital Maria Eydman and Kiron Atom Tellian, 1st Prizewinner 2020

Wed October 13, 2019, 20:00 h, Ettlingen Castle, Asamsaal


Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt and Sergej Rachmaninow

Tickets: 17,50 Euro; pupils, students, handicapped persons 15 Euro

Ticket reservation: Stadtinformation Ettlingen, Theaterkasse/Schloss, Tel. +49-7243 101-333 and www.reservix.de



Last Edition in 2018 

-> 340 candidates coming from 49 nations applied

-> 99 pianists were admitted after a preselection by recordings

-> The public auditions took place at Asam-Hall in the baroque Ettlingen Castle

-> Ten main prizes and special prizes worth more than 25,000 Euro were bestowed


Videos and Photos from the Auditions in 2018

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2018 Preistraeger Gruppe Rosen 950p

Congratulations! All 2018 prizewinners on stage of Stadthalle Ettlingen, with Bank Director Michael Huber, Lord Mayor Johannes Arnold, -> Managing Director Frank Reich and -> Artistic Director Robert Benz (from left to right). Picture: Gerald Ulmann


 -> Archives with documents and Media of all previous competitions since 1988.