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(*) The European Union of Music Competitions for Youth e.V. (EMCY) is a network of national and international music competitions across Europe, founded in 1970, that supports and promotes the musical education of young talents in the pre-professional stage. The EMCY Prize consists of two things: a professional online profile for 2 years on and second, the chance to be selected for international promotions as innovative concerts, international tours and master classes.


Press material


Foto 1 Code to Joy - Code words for the video recordings
Foto 2 Code to Joy - Code words for the video recordings

Press release May 2020 - press release result preliminary round, announcement of Online Finals

Press release April 2019 - press release new artistic director, recital Oleksii Kanke, Rules 2020
Press release May 2018 - List with applications/nations
Press release May 2018 - List with admitted participants/nations
Press release May 2018 - press release after Preliminary Round (German)
BNN Kultur April 2017 - Newpaper critic recital Ivan Krjan, 1st Prize Category B 2016
Picture all prizewinners 2016 - mit Sparkassendirektor Lutz Boden, Robert Benz, OB Johannes Arnold und Frank Reich (from left to r.), prizewinner's concert, Ettlingen Townhall
Picture prizewinner 2016 - Ivan Krpan, 1st Prize Category B 2016
Press 2016 - different articles 2016
Press release May 2016 - press release after Preliminary Round (German)
BNN Kultur March 2015 - Piano Recital Robert Bily, 1st Prizewinner Cat. B 2014 (German)
Picture of all Prizewinners 2014 - with bank director  Boden, Robert Benz, Lord Mayor Johannes Arnold and Frank Reich (left to right), Prizewinner's Concert Townhall
Picture Prizewinner 2014 - Robert Bily, 1st Prize Category B
Picture  Preisträger 2014 - Joshua Han, 1. Preis Kategorie A
Picture all prizewinners 2012 - with Frank Reich, Lord Mayor Johannes Arnold, Kurt Rössler, Robert Benz (left to right), Prizewinner's concert, Townhall Ettlingen
Picture Jury 2012 - at Prizewinner's concert, Townhall Ettlingen
Picture all prizewinners 2010 - with Robert Benz, Lady Mayor Gabriela Büssemaker, Frank Reich (left to r.)
Picture Jury 2010 - at Prizewinner's Concert, Townhall Ettlingen 
Picture all prizewiners 2008 - at Prizewinner's Concert, Townhall Ettlingen
Picture audience 1988 - first Prizewinner's Concert, Schlossgarten Hall Ettlingen
Picture Jubilee Concert 2006 - Lang Lang, Lise de la Salle, Boris Giltburg (left to right)

All pictures: Foto Fabry Ettlingen


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